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This livejournal community is dedicated to Eric Mun 에릭문, also known as Mun Jung Hyuk 문정혁. He is known as a member and leader of the popular South Korean band Shinhwa 신화. He is said to be the main rapper of the group, and has made almost all the rap for their albums since their 7th album and also a few of their songs. He has also branched into acting and won awards for his roles. His solo projects are now under his own entertainment company, TOP Class Entertainment while projects under the name Shinhwa are still under Good Entertainment.

All news, information and pictures about him could be found and posted here. Members are also encouraged to share artworks, fanfics and fan encounters in this site.

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English name: Eric Mun
Korean name: Mun Jung Hyuk
Birth: February 16, 1979
180cm, 71kb, blood type B
Educational Degree: Dong Guk University, Major of Theatre, the division of theatre and cinema
Family Status: Youngest and has two older sisters
Hobby: Listening to music, playing instruments

June's Diary (2005)
A Bittersweet Life (2005)

Run (2003)
Phoenix (2004)
Super Rookie (2005)
Wolf (2006)
Invisible Parachute Agent (2006)
Que Sera Sera (2007)
Strongest Chil Woo (2008)

Music Drama
Winder Story

Music Video
June's Diary
With You Two Hands
Que Sera Sera OST
Any Club

Rinnai / Kyo Chon chicken / Domino Pizza / Megapass / KT / Ivyclub / Vivaldi Park / Samsung Anycall / Swiss luxury watch RADO
Samgang Googoo cone / Lotte / SPAM / Hanbul Cosmetics /Coca Cola Zero

Haegyulsa / T.O.P. / Only One / Hey Come on / Perfect Man /
Wedding / Brand New / State of the Art/ Shinhwa 10th Anniversary

Winter Story 2004-2005 / Summer Story 2005 / Winter Story 2005-2006 / Winter Story 2006-2007 / Sun In Our Hearts / Winter Story 2007-2008 / My Choice / 2001 Live Concert

TOP Class Entertainment
Good Entertainment
Shinhwa Changjo International

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